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 The province and Port of Limon: metaphors for Afro-Costa Rican black identity
This publication is contributing to the present historiography in presenting one of the first studies, which tries to explain the importance of the province of Limon to its Afro-Costa Rican population. The book is shifting the focus of earlier histor..
1969: Story of a House
1969 History of a house is the journey through the memories of five brothers who have been trapped in the house that saw them grow up and that witnessed a tragedy that marked them for the rest of their lives...
In July 2005, by chance, the Guatemalan National Police Archive was discovered in Guatemala City. They are millions of documents that are piled up in damp, dark rooms full of rats and cockroaches. They have been left there after the peace was signed ..
A  la sombra del dragón
El panorama global del siglo XXI está marcado por la consolidación de China como la segunda economía mundial. A medida que se afianza su penetración en Latinoamérica, Ecuador y Costa Rica alcanzan alianzas estratégicas con el gigante asiático. No obs..
A future for the excluded
Valuable compilation of studies and methodological proposals for the training of workers in organizational projects. As its title indicates, a set of proposals is put forward to allow socially excluded sectors to act from their own conditions, and th..
A sustainable museum: museum and community in the active preservation of its heritage
The proposal of this work lies in providing the working methodology that allows the museum to create the conditions for its own institutional sustainability, in human resources, infrastructure and logistics...
A tiny fraction of the wind
It is a novel in which the characters and historical times alternate in the dizzying plot that offers a fresco of the last fifty years of Guatemala. Taking seriously her hairdresser and pedicurist's reading of the lines on the sole of her foot, Fabio..
A world of children's stories
Short stories, entertaining and easy to read, peppered with mischief and fantasy, intertwined with positive content.This collection of stories was made with the hope of becoming a good companion for parents and children, to share and educate both val..
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