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 A la découverte de la francophonie en Europe avec les émissions de radio
The purpose of this publication is to make available to listeners of the radio programs "Fréquence Ados Nouvelles Formule" and "Echos Francophones" a series of comprehension exercises whose objectives are to improve the oral comprehension skills of t..
 Costa Rica's coffee business, German capital, and geopolitics
This work analyzes the history of coffee in Costa Rica and its links with geopolitics, to reconstruct the development of German capital in the country, from the early twentieth century to the years preceding the Second World War. It answers a series ..
 Costa Rican Short Stories of Anguish and Landscapes
This Collection of very short stories contains a treasure trove of surprise endings, some cheery, some chilling most of them impossible to see coming. The author explores powerful and universal themes like unrequited love, revenge, treachery and the ..
 Discovering the Author’s Mind throught Reading
Un manual de materiales y ejercicios para enriquecer la capacidad en la comprensión de lecturas en inglés, con recursos técnicos y didácticos verdaderamente motivadores y eficaces que serán de gran ayuda a los estudiantes del idioma inglés...
 English Reading Comprehension Tools
The main objective of the play is to provide students with teaching material for English courses...
 Lucía Jerez
Numerous studies of José Martí's literary work assure that at the time of the writing of his only novel, the always latent memories of its author's Central American estancia were present, despite having been conceived and published in New York in 188..
 María Zambrano
Zambrano's writing resists analysis like the bird that always flies higher than the hunter's tricks. Perhaps for this reason, a path of access is the one presented here: the oblique path of the essay. This book therefore presents some attempts to app..
 Noir sur blanc (Niveau I)
A useful manual for teaching French as a second language, consisting of a rich variety of work proposals for the teacher and the student. Its authors adopt and propose dynamic methodologies and resources, such as graphics, examples and practices, whi..
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