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Editorial Tecnológica de Costa Rica

Bitter rain in the Anchuria (Printed book)
This work is one more episode of the tragic history that agro-export companies wrote, which will take the reader to the Central American banana plantations of the 70s. There you will discover the overwhelming trace of a chemical called DBCP, ..
Bright women of tica science (Printed book)
Brilliant women of ethical science is a novel and fun work that gives us the privilege of knowing the life stories of ten notable scientists.Each character we color shows us passion and enthusiasm for science, as well as infinite curiosity for the wo..
Calculation exercises Limits, derivatives and integrals (Printed book)
In the present book, the problems and exercises have been chosen based on the Differential and Integral Calculus programs of several Costa Rican universities...
Carthage Stories and the two Colleges (Printed book)
This version that we present integrates two works by Jesús Mata Gamboa, -infatigable chronicler of the city he loved, walked and studied-, already published in the mid-twentieth century: Histories of Carthage and The Two Colleges...
Chayote: Technical guide for the production of clonal seed (Printed book)
This work presents the experiences developed in the CIB regarding the production of clonal and healthy sowing material of chayote, as well as the follow-up actions once the plants leave the laboratory and greenhouse...
Colonial trips through Central America: continuities and ruptures (Printed book)
This book is an approach to the first images of the central isthmus of America, during the colonial era; analyzes texts from Spanish and English travelers. It shows how the first images promoted an exquisite, abundant and inexhaustible geography: a p..
Comments to the seismic code of Costa Rica 2010. 2014 Review (Printed book)
This work arose from the need to complement the Code with a document that clarifies many of the issues addressed, so that the user of the standard can apply it with a broader criterion and with greater security...
Comprendiendo la estadística inferencial 2 Edición (Printed book)
La obra Comprendiendo la estadística inferencial está dirigida a todas aquellas personas que desean conocer los elementos principales de la Estadística inferencial: intervalos de confianza, pruebas de hipótesis y análisis de regresión.En ella s..
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