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Editorial Tecnológica de Costa Rica

Aves endémicas de Costa Rica
Para las personas que viven en Costa Rica o visitan el país con el propósito de investigar, observar y fotografiar las aves silvestres, esta obra es un punto de partida fundamental. En ella se describen datos relevantes para la conservación, investig..
Avifauna neotropical : ecología y conservación
Esta obra describe los principales aspectos de la ecología y conservación de las aves en dos secciones. La primera se enfoca en aspectos evolutivos y de comportamiento relacionados con su origen, alimentación, reproducción, hábitat y migración. Cada ..
Bananas: basic concepts. Volume 1
It is essential to understand the fundamental aspects of cultivation, postharvest handling and marketing, since it is the basis on which the basic concepts of cultivation are based, elementary for all those people interested in the processes ..
Bananas: post-harvest handling and commercialization Volume 3
"He talks about determining aspects for obtaining a good quality crop, both in the field and in the treatment during the packaging, in addition, the way to evaluate it and make the pertinent corrections for a good acceptance in the markets. A..
Bananas: Production Technologies Volume 2
This work has as main objective to meet the needs and aspirations of producers, researchers and students about innovative agriculture in relation to the changes that the world requires..
Between silladas and rejoyas
due to an observation made on reading the travel accounts that make up the present anthology, and that represent a common denominator among travelers: all agree that Costa Rica is a country full of hills and honduras. From this confirmation, the auth..
Birds of Costa Rica. (Coedition Editorial Costa Rica)
It is a historical book because it is the first one that is published in the country and in Spanish about the birds of Costa Rica and that is oriented to the general public. In addition, he won the Aquileo J. Echeverría Prize in 1977. Despite..
Bitter rain in the Anchuria
This work is one more episode of the tragic history that agro-export companies wrote, which will take the reader to the Central American banana plantations of the 70s. There you will discover the overwhelming trace of a chemical called DBCP, ..
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