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Librería UCR

Editorial Tecnológica de Costa Rica

Water sampling manual (Printed book)
The Manual of water sampling arises in response to the need for basic training of technical personnel of the treatment plant, or for people who perform water sampling for laboratory analysis...
Watering by melgas (Printed book)
In this work, the design of melgas is analyzed through the use of tables, graphs and empirical formulas, which have been developed based on the experiences of different researchers. A complete example is developed using this methodology. We a..
Wild tropics: the footprint of the German naturalists in nineteenth-century Costa Rica (Printed book)
"The reputation of Costa Rica as a promoter of the protection of its natural resources is due to a long and complex process, whose roots had not been well unraveled." In view of this situation, the author of this book - an amateur historian a..
Wood technology from forest plantations in Costa Rica (Printed book)
Esta obra es producto de la investigación científica realizada en la madera de las especies forestales más utilizadas en la reforestación comercial en Costa Rica. Su objetivo es presentar toda la información técnica de 16 especies de plantación en cu..
Wooded coffee plantations (Printed book)
Wooded coffee plantations presents a series of technical recommendations, both agronomic and silvicultural, to increase crop productivity and incorporate the management of trees or shrubs in the coffee system. Although it emphasizes the Central Valle..
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