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Alberto Manuel Brenes. The Naturalist (Printed book)
Alberto Ml. Brenes (1870-1948), a Ramonian scientist, Benemerito de la Patria, who is credited with the most important collections of plants and fungi for Costa Rica in the mid-twentieth century, including hundreds of new species...
Alexandria (Printed book)
With a series of stories ranging from a Toledo besieged by a sect, the revenge of a gaucho, the terror of the Muscovites before the end of the world and the rebellion of those who already have everything lost; Alexandria appears as the random choice ..
Alvaro Montero Vega: Memories of a Life and a Time of Struggles and Hopes (Printed book)
The book summarizes the memoirs of the union leader and politician Álvaro Montero Vega. The emphasis is on their contributions to the Costa Rican trade union movement and the conquests of the working class in the post-war 1948 era...
An Approach to the Course of Cultural History from a Humanistic Perspective (Printed book)
? T he aims to show the role of teaching the course of history of culture in humanistic studies and proposes that this should be articulated around a central axis: the importance of philosophy of education and philosophy the history...
Ancient America: The Pre-Columbian Peoples From the Original Population Until the Beginnings of the Spanish Conquest (Printed book)
Este texto explica en forma narrada la historia de los pueblos americanos desde el primer poblamiento del continente hasta el contacto con los europeos y un poco después. El marco interpretativo sigue la perspectiva evolucionista de la arqueología: e..
Ancient Greek Lyrics (Printed book)
The twenty-three poets of the Greek lyric presented here reveal, with their creation, the richness of their internal and external experiences in a great variety of themes and forms and allow us access to their world, their epoch, their history, their..
Anthology Of Economic Doctrines / Rodrigo Facio Brenes: Review And Biographical Notes Federico Vargas Peralta And Carlos Palma Rodriguez (Printed book)
The book is a compilation of twenty writings of eighteen economists, from William Senior to ECLAC. It includes a brief biography of each author, prepared by the editors, to facilitate the understanding of the circumstances in which the pieces were wr..
Applied Chemistry Kinetics: Decomposition Process of Drugs. Stability Of Medications (Printed book)
This work includes the basics of chemical kinetics and its application to stability studies of medicines to scientifically establish the useful life of these and storage conditions to ensure their quality, safety and efficacy...
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