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This book deals with the epistemology of technology / engineering, which is the branch of philosophy dedicated to the study of cognition and knowledge, particularly to scientific and technological research, and its product: scientific and tec..
"The book begins with a critical review of the different proportion tools that were used during the history of Western design, art and architecture, and then it goes through the methods of proportion from the mathematical point of view and in nature...
This document summarizes the results of the project, as well as a methodology that can be applied or adapted to other critically endangered species, both in Costa Rica and in other countries...
The Manual of water sampling arises in response to the need for basic training of technical personnel of the treatment plant, or for people who perform water sampling for laboratory analysis...
In this work, the design of melgas is analyzed through the use of tables, graphs and empirical formulas, which have been developed based on the experiences of different researchers. A complete example is developed using this methodology. We a..
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