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Cuando se lleva a cabo un proyecto de riego o drenaje en carreteras, además del canal de conducción se requiere una serie de estructuras u obras hidráulicas, las cuales son indispensables para que el sistema de riego o drenaje cumpla con su com..
This book was prepared as a text for engineering university students and professionals who are studying postgraduate studies, who need to know and apply methodologies for making decisions in the area of ​​economics. It is written from the perspective..
It is important to diversify the national production, in order to offer alternatives to the producer, not only of crop management, but also to technify the harvest and give it an added value...
This book has been created in order to fill the main gaps in the teaching of technical drawing in Costa Rica: the ignorance and application of ISO standards during design and technical drawing in general, as well as the lack of a methodology suitable..
The Geotechnical Code of Slopes and Slopes of Costa Rica considers minimum requirements, without being limiting for the studies of evaluation, investigation, analysis and stabilization of landslides of slopes and slopes, by providing a focus ..
In his work the author summarizes his extensive experience as a student, professor, researcher and consultant in the field of water and soil resources and offers us a clear, simple and above all practical work, in which the theoretical concepts invol..
This publication is aimed at understanding the fundamental principles of hydrology, and offers some practical tools that have been applied successfully in the solution of problems that arise in hydrological phenomena...
The word hydroponics comes from the Greek and means "work in water". This unknown but ancient method of growing plants, becomes a center of attraction for many people; it means, for example, growing fresh vegetables, without worrying about excess fer..
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