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This text describes the principles of stress distribution and deformation that govern the idealized elastic behavior of a soil. It also delves into the consolidation principle that suffers a thin saturated soil before applying static load and resista..
The text is an autodidactic learning model, which fixes the traditional methods of solving basic geotechnical problems and gives the freedom for the reader to develop his own methodology. On the other hand, critical problems are raised, so that the r..
This book compiles some topics of relevant interest to teachers, students, administrators, auditors and specialists in the area of ??Information Technology, especially because, although they are topics that everyone knows, they have not been dealt wi..
It is a text that introduces the reader in the acquisition of his first knowledge in the area of Geotechnics. The main ideas are distributed in six chapters, which explain the origins and hypotheses of the most important phenomena that govern Geotech..
The laboratory manual for the attention of practical experiments in metallurgy is presented as a reference that allows the student to perform a series of scientific practices, oriented to the understanding of phenomena of transformation in common met..
This is a document aimed at microbiologists for their performance within the food industry. It includes identification and quantification of microorganisms important in the food sector at the level of deterioration of public health, as well as an ext..
This is an important research with historical perspective, about technological development to use persimmons fiber banana in papermaking. Costa Rican creativity know no resources, who seek to solve the problem of waste banana peel...
This text aims to familiarize the general public, to advanced college students and college introductory level with the basics of food science food, through the practical study of technical analysis and product development...
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