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This book analyzes the evolution of the historical discipline in Costa Rica, from the moment of independence until 1940, the date of creation of the UCR. It shows the close relationship between the territorial consolidation of the national state and ..
Analysis of the political history of Costa Rica in the period from 1914 to 1948, which corresponds to the stage of transition between the crisis of the liberal republic and the formation of the reformist state and intervener...
This book is a synthesis of the eighteenth century, characterized as the stage of the encomienda, during which the first colonial configuration of Costa Rica and Nicoya took place. It examines the Central American conquest, the origin and consolidati..
Study of the population of Costa Rica from 1750 to 2000. It uses vital statistics and annual parochial series and provides annual estimates of the population by age as well as demographic indicators on mortality, fertility and migration...
The important thing is to know the history of our education to understand the processes of change and continuity, but also to raise awareness of the need for the changes required...
In this booklet, written by Costa Rican historians and historians, the reader will find a variety of positions with respect to the nature of history, specifically around a classic problem: its cientificidad. ..
For the first time accessible to all types of public, the translation of one of the most complete works of the famous geologist, volcanologist, geographer, linguist and ethnologist, Dr. Karl Sapper (1866-1945) is presented, as well as a transcription..
This book deals with the monetary history of Costa Rica between the sixteenth and the thirties, which studies the currency from the Social Sciences, in its economic aspects and as a social and political institution...
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