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For the first time accessible to all types of public, the translation of one of the most complete works of the famous geologist, volcanologist, geographer, linguist and ethnologist, Dr. Karl Sapper (1866-1945) is presented, as well as a transcription..
It is a linguistic analysis according to the procedures followed by the speakers to create the geographical names and their relation with historical facts and cultural traits, for it applying a general model of classification to the corpus of toponym..
This study analyzes the toponyms of the Greater Metropolitan Area road network to verify the linguistic habits of the regions speakers and its relation with historical facts and cultural features...
The book Journey to Central German Wilhelm Marr (1819-1904) chronicles the adventures of travel and stay of the author in Nicaragua and Costa Rica in the mid-nineteenth century. His story shows various aspects of life in the cities of Granada and Leo..
An exceptional display of perceptions on Central America experienced travelers and American readers in the nineteenth century, especially in the fields near the National Campaign against the filibusters periods, and an extensive, thorough and insight..
Alexander von Humboldt, a tireless traveler, was never in Central America; However, in 1826, he published a short but very perceptive text about the region. The Humboldt Chair and the Vice-Rectory of Research of the University of Costa Rica have cons..
This book aims to give an integral geological vision of the northwest region of Costa Rica, where the cartographic aspects stand out, from an igneous and sedimentary point of view, as well as tectonic deformation...
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