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This work relates in detail the interaction between society, business and ethical behavior of individuals. It gives a special interest to the participation of individuals and groups in the activities of businesses that carry out state institutions an..
Discussion on literature as agent of culture, symbol and socialization. Analysis of two poems by Neruda and masculinity...
No philosophical or spiritual movement in the West - except Christianity - can be compared to the Sophists in terms of their scope and controversy. This thought, while not deprived of scientific and theoretical studies, was practical and active, cons..
An inquiry into the experience that consciousness has of itself is equivalent to the inquiry of itself from which all self-being is capable. The present inquiry is carried out according to a method appropriate to its field of research and the analyze..
En esta obra se relaciona la sociedad y la educación a partir de la experiencia de la universidad latinoamericana; en particular se analizan las relaciones políticas que desde sus inicios ha mantenido la institución universitaria con la política en A..
This book relates the moral with early stages of the cosmic process, interprets the moral and ethical concepts feelings, as well as laying the foundation for an ethic both comprehensive and compatible with our spiritual aspirations...
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