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Psychomotor development is an essential part of modern integral education. This book offers a guide to achieve this based on the assessment of skills and interactive activities (educating-environment-adult) in the areas of general motor, specific mot..
It is a textbook for students and teachers of English as a second language. The first part contains various forms of nominal structures and functions. The second part shows coordination, subordination and two different sentence patterns. Although emp..
This work contains a literature review on different perspectives on the development of body image: parts and planes of the body, body movements, laterality and directionality. In addition to the instructional includes the scales that resulted from it..
It is the result of three disciplines: Educational Sciences, Linguistics and Computer Science, in order to provide them with education authorities, the teacher, the curriculum planner, authors of textbooks to parents, among others, data targets an as..
Development of the primary school curriculum. It has a teachers guide and a worksheet for the student. The first and second cycle units are grouped in the first and second volumes, respectively...
It is a compilation of laboratory practices for the General Genetics course. Includes laboratories on culture and management of laboratory organisms, Mendelian genetics, population genetics, quantitative genetics, molecular genetics, cytogenetics, mu..
The work consists of two parts. The first one analyzes the main qualities that must meet all scientific and technical research. And in the second part presents an office with grammatical doubts...
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