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This book lists the main laws and decrees regulating the subject of public entertainment and propaganda control, since state censorship of the media has been one of the most controversial issues of recent years...
Volume I: In order to demonstrate not what jurists should do but what they do in reality, lies the characteristic of legal realism. In any case, the words ""real"", ""reality"" or ""realism"" are used in opposition to what in the modern science of la..
This work analyzes the two large electronic digital contracting platforms of the State of Costa Rica, Mer-link and CompraRed; At the time of publication of this work the country did not have a properly established platform, so the author makes a seri..
The law is basically a axiológico speech. In order to elucidate rationally the issues raised in it, it is essential to clarify heterogeneous facets without excluding the antinomias- valorative key terms that are used there...
The possibility of anticipating and minimizing any misinterpretation of the legislative procedure requires reform of the regulation in order to establish the requirements that must be respected, essentially or substantially, during the process of app..
Workbook logic in the legal field, which develops strict and methodically field of study, with a didactic and pedagogical vision...
The present work analyzes the pharmaceutical profession in Costa Rica. It covers the main norms of the public and private sphere, as well as the jurisprudence and national and international doctrine. It analyzes the role of the pharmacist and its are..
This work explains the operation of interpretation and legal argument. It uses the most advanced knowledge of semiotics and logic, not to mention the criticism of myths and hobbies of existing legal practices...
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