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This book rescues a historical and technical heritage, which starts with the National Championship in 1937 and closed with the made in 1999. The national chess most of the twentieth century is exposed in a single book that offers the best of an entir..
This text explores, through football, some of the relationships between national identities and hegemonic forms of male heterosexuality. The notion of honor is used to express national pride, male power or football victories. ..
examples of statistical analysis techniques used by physical educators, coaches and researchers in related to Human Movement Sciences exposed areas, and an introduction to the use of a statistical package for data analysis is done...
El Karate-Do se empezó a enseñar en Costa Rica en 1966. Para entonces, en el país solo había un dojo de artes de pelea japonesas, la Academia de Judo de don Orlando Madrigal, que se había inaugurado en 1955. Y justo en esa academia, Shunichi Ko..
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