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This book brings together the papers of the II Costa Rican Congress of Anthropology held in December 1999. The preparation of the report, despite budgetary constraints, was always keeping in mind contribute to the knowledge of anthropology and archeo..
Las alianzas entre diversas disciplinas ha demostrado ser una fórmula capaz de abrir opciones analíticas y, por ende, favorecer la construcción de conocimiento. En esos términos se estudia la comunicación desde la educación, las relaciones sociales, ..
In this study we use analytical tools of cognitive semantics and theoretical models of cultural and comparative psychology to address the experiences of childhood and adult social representations, in two different historical and cultural periods of c..
The book outlines the scope and limitations of the geopolitical game the United States and its allies have been pursuing through the training and infiltration of networks of political activists in countries that do not act in line with their "values"..
China, a lo largo de su historia, se ha mantenido como una potencia mundial; por lo que su rol en el sistema internacional es de gran importancia. Ante esto, en el siglo XXI se asiste con expectativa a la construcción de este imperio, líder de la eco..
This book describes and analyzes the institutional reform that has accompanied the process of reform and economic opening in the R.P. China over the last three decades. This description and analysis has been made from a neoinstitutionalist approach a..
Study of citizen participation in community organizations aimed to influence the living conditions of the towns through community work. protest mobilizations local, regional and national levels where a social plurality participates in order to influe..
This book is a lexicographical work that collects and defines an inventory of the lexicon used in the Costa Rican civil-electoral environment. words used are recorded in text production, written or oral, in our own civil-electoral system communicativ..
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