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This book invites us to rethink the contemporary world through the discussion on biopolitics, necropolitics, juvenicide and narcoculture, and offers an analysis of the conformation of the features that emphasize the inequalities, distinctive of some ..
In this fourth volume, three studies are included. The first one deals with the origin of language and the diversity of languages ​​among human beings, as well as the language in animals and plants. The second deals with the myth of the star woman in..
This book analyzes the progress of neoextractivism in Latin America through four fundamental nuclei: the first proposes the categories of neoextractivism and Consensus of Commodities as privileged windows to read the current crisis; the second analyz..
It is a collective work that aims to establish the constitutional protection of third generation human rights (environment, food, water, decent housing, vulnerable populations), including discussions on new protected rights...
It is proposed to understand the construction of the Costa Rican state after independence, understanding it as a process immersed in the transition from Cologne to Republic, where all its economic, social and cultural structures are reconstituted. Co..
The work contains an analysis on the construction of the legal status of Afro-Caribbean population made by norms and constitutional sentences in the period from 1949 to 2014 and its effects on the experience of a full citizenship...
This study is a masterpiece because it is an important contribution to the historiography of Latin America and the most complete regional history of Costa Rica in the twentieth century. Edelman's book is ..
En 2016, la Universidad de Dallas y el Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México organizaron una conferencia para discutir el tema de la clase media y su continuo declive. Este volumen reúne las contribuciones ..
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