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It is proposed to understand the construction of the Costa Rican state after independence, understanding it as a process immersed in the transition from Cologne to Republic, where all its economic, social and cultural structures are reconstituted. Co..
The work contains an analysis on the construction of the legal status of Afro-Caribbean population made by norms and constitutional sentences in the period from 1949 to 2014 and its effects on the experience of a full citizenship...
This study is a masterpiece because it is an important contribution to the historiography of Latin America and the most complete regional history of Costa Rica in the twentieth century. Edelman's book is ..
En 2016, la Universidad de Dallas y el Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México organizaron una conferencia para discutir el tema de la clase media y su continuo declive. Este volumen reúne las contribuciones ..
This analysis includes preventive action on crime beyond surveillance, use of force and governance, as the administration of power linked to the effectiveness of sectoral policies from a sensitivity in the area of human rights...
A girl feels trapped in a maze: misunderstood by the educational system, by her family and by everyone. She feels that there is no hope until she decides to start her own rituals: monologues with her deceased grandfather, soliloquies with her person,..
Based on a comparative analysis, the book proposes a multidisciplinary theoretical model to explain the ways in which social policies can be generated for the entire population, as well as its main political and public policy determinants...
The Spanish of America, by Miguel Ángel Quesada Pacheco, is a textbook that deals with the phonetic, morphosyntactic, lexical and dialectal variations of the Spanish language spoken in America, in which the latest studies are condensed from a novel a..
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