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They discuss some of the ideas of Antonio Gramsci about the relationship between civil society and state, reform and revolution, political and cultural hegemony, its connection with current issues such as governance and issues of political philosophy..
In this book, from different theoretical and methodological approaches, an analysis of evolution or cultural and social involution of Costa Rica in the late twentieth century is made. The study aims to shed some light on the processes and social mech..
The texts that make up this publication invite us to reflect and analyze, from different perspectives, the cultural transformations that our societies experience, in which material and symbolic goods are affected by constant innovation and periodic o..
This book delves into the world of cattle, oxen and carts, recording and analyzing the past and present singularities that make up this relevant tradition, which is the intangible cultural heritage of our humanity as Costa Ricans...
The book analyzes the sets of sarchiseña wagon and confirms that this type of decoration is a Costa Rican pictorial style. It is approached from the perspective of the designer, providing new data that can be checked with the images presented...
Este folleto presenta una visión general y actualizada de las tendencias de mediano y largo plazo que influyen en la integración centroamericana y condicionan su devenir contemporáneo. Es, por lo tanto, un texto que mira a la región en su conjunto, e..
This paper makes a balance of the period in which the literal reforms in Central America were developed. Try to understand the differentiated economic, social and political trajectory of the region, and share the opinion of several authors, in the se..
This book gives us one of the key bases for studies of the cultural transformations that have characterized Central American development, especially since the 1989 peace accords. The articles included review the past, but also analyze radical changes..
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