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Medical Sciences

The author has turned the holistic approach of parasitology that she has adopted during her academic and scientific life, where the diverse views from ecology, immunology, clinical, evolutionary biology and molecular biology combine to presen..
"Because of its incidence in childhood and adolescence, due to its different manifestations and the disorders it induces in personal, family and social aspects, epilepsy is undoubtedly a very important chapter in the study and investigation of neurol..
With this work, Renán Ruiz completes the existing vacuum in the homeopathic knowledge about the origin of the Hahnemann dynamisation process, showing that through a deep and systematic study it is possible to locate the horizons of Hahnemann'..
La Guía práctica para una adecuada alimentación del adulto mayor y su familia se diseñó como un curso a distancia, constituido por seis módulos educativos, que toma en cuenta las necesidades de informaci..
This is a comprehensive text on the clinical aspects of prostate cancer. At the end of each chapter is attached a chronological review of the most significant articles that appear in the world literature on the subject treated; In addition, it has an..
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