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Medical Sciences

This guide for the interpretation of the Regulation of Good Manufacturing Practices for the Pharmaceutical Industry compiles the most important information of the document and explains each one of the articles contained in it, in order to facilitate ..
This book shows the student freshmen courses in Endodontics, course O-4004, the preparation of the parts used in the laboratory, the basic morphology of root canals and forms of opening or cavity access incisors canine and premolars...
This laboratory guide is a tool for students to develop their skills in the knowledge of microscopic anatomy or histology. This tissue study, ranging from cell to microscopic analysis of organs and systems and their interrelationships...
This video is aimed at people undergoing hip replacement and their families. Its main purpose is the successful incorporation into daily activities (getting up, going up and down stairs, putting on shoes, among others) and preventing possible complic..
The text How to place a nasogastric tube? Is aimed at students and nursing professionals, and was created with the purpose of providing didactic material to facilitate the learning process, so that the reader follow the procedure step by step. In add..
At present they can prevent more than 12 infectious diseases and have come to save about 3 million lives per year. The purpose of this brochure is to provide a basic guide pharmacist diseases preventable by vaccination...
Based on the traditional approach, the basic themes of applied statistics, especially in health and social sciences, are treated with simplicity and integrated into the analysis and design of research, monitoring and evaluation of programs and popula..
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