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Medical Sciences

This material seeks to guide the pharmacist community to acknowledge and, if it is within their competence, resolve momentarily symptoms accompanying certain condition, as well as distinguish when to derive specialized professional consultation...
This is an illustrated reference book for professionals in Medical Mycology. It describes the appropriate form of the phases of the procedure to perform a good laboratory diagnosis in the medical Mycology and related fields...
The aim of this paper is to give an overview of the pathophysiology and therapeutic approach of hyperlipidemia, to try a little bit about what the disease itself, consequences, associated diseases, changes in the lifestyle of the patient as part of t..
We present a synthesis of systematic literature reviews and multiple meta-analyzes of various areas of Human Movement Science, including human development, sports performance, health and human rehabilitation...
This work contemplates haematological subjects of interest in Costa Rica, among them anemia, leukocyte alterations, hematological malignancy, hemostasis and its alterations. It consists of 14 chapters, 40 figures and 29 pictures. Some figures are in ..
This instructive comprises a series of practices through which the students of Microbiology and Clinical Chemistry will acquire the skills and abilities necessary for the safe and optimal management of fungi and clinical samples in the mycology labor..
Parasitism understanding requires knowledge of terminology, adaptations, routes of infection, habitat, interdependencies, pathology and diagnostic basics. These topics will establish the basis for understanding parasitic relationships that can bring ..
Serve this glossary for the continuous improvement of the pharmacist in its various specialties, such as the biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, social and administrative sciences, industrial pharmacy, clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical c..
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