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Agricultural Sciences

This work accumulated experience in experimental designs used in the field of animal production, with emphasis on dairy cattle. It aims to explain the approach of a select group of experimental designs with particular characteristics and features, wh..
This work was prepared to address various alternative practices supplementation, particularly those needed in the tropics to alleviate feeding cattle and goats, usually settled in critical scarcity of fresh forage...
This book covers in two chapters: the nitrogenous nutrition of plants and symbiotic nitrogen fixation and basic physiological aspects that a student of agricultural science should know to ensure proper management of the main sources of nitrogen are c..
In this booklet current knowledge on reproductive physiology and senescence of plants are reviewed, with an emphasis on tropical species of agricultural importance...
This document provides descriptive information, distribution, natural history and damages of the taltuzas (Orthogeomys sp.) Present in Costa Rica. Also, management options are presented to reduce or avoid damage to agricultural production...
Correlative analysis of the processes that determine the shape, position and size of plant structures, establishing plant architecture. Updated review of light interception by plants and its relationship with canopy photosynthesis...
Se ofrece un panorama de la diversidad, la historia natural y la conservación de las abejas de Costa Rica, las cuales se destacan por mantener una relación simbiótica con las flores y por preservar el planeta...
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