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Agricultural Sciences

interactive digital publication for educational support in identifying forage plants and weeds. Each floor has an anatomical description, the origin, the scope and characteristics of adaptation and production information or chemical control, with the..
The book Pesticides and Environment is written by two of the most recognized scientists in the science of pesticides Keith Solomon and Gerald (Gerry) Stephenson. It covers all aspects related to pesticides including their uses, environmental behavior..
This text becomes a recognition of the efforts to overcome the country in the training of specialists in physiology and related fields. It is also a comprehensive and updated major metabolic processes related to plant production analysis...
This book defines basic concepts of phytopathology, the natural processes that take place in an agroecosystem, plant diseases as part of this and explains the regulating role of man in agroecosystems...
This book addresses both the physiological aspects of seed formation and subsequent germination, such as synthesis, action and metabolism of hormonal substances on physiological processes, emphasizing these tropical species of agricultural importance..
Analysis updated review of plant growth, a key to understanding the production process based on environmental factors and design appropriate agronomic crop management practices tool...
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