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Agricultural Sciences

This book provides information on the botanical, biological and ecological aspects of chayote, their problems in the conventional management and the need to encourage crop diversification and organic production as important components of an agro-ecol..
This publication presents the most important aspects of growing asparagus in the middle of Costa Rica. The information obtained is based on the experience of 10 years of research and development. emphasis on technical production and post harvest hand..
Modern techniques used in broiler processing are detailed. Emphasis is placed on the procedures required in the quality control of the bird. Considerations on health and processing of chicken meat...
Conducts a review of trade liberalization since the mid-1980s until the late 1990s also an update of the discussion in the light of the latest WTO Ministerial Summit, the prospect of the Cancun Summit and included the new scenario raised by the signi..
The organic production of Costa Rica is U.S. $ 2.5 million and the potential demand of U.S. $ 6.1 million. The profile of the consumer, at fairs and supermarkets, is forty years old, educated, high income and motivated by health and the environment. ..
The book contains numerous examples and exercises, which mostly are products of the authors experience. design drip sprinkler and taught. the evaluation of these two irrigation systems is also treated through examples that develop the theme in a very..
This book allows the technician and the farmer to recognize the most common problems of their cultivation under field conditions. The book covers aspects such as plant observation, planting and problems related to nutrition, among others...
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