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Natural and Exact Sciences

Transdisciplinary Essays is a collection that provides grounds for the fundamental critique of Stephen Hawkings theory. Contrary to what he proposes, regarding the science is coming to an end, according to this book we are only at its dawn...
This book is an introduction to the discipline of mathematics. It is ideal for students majoring in math text, but is also aimed at all persons who have a particular interest in this fascinating subject because to start reading does not require large..
The collection of solved exercises presented in this work, the student is offered a way to approach linear algebra topics. In each issue they have been chosen typical exercises and has sought to draw up their solutions clearly and making good use of ..
This second edition documents the taxonomy and biology of the 134 species of freshwater fish in the country. The book contains diagnostic descriptions, ecological data, photographs of all species, distribution maps and identification keys. They inclu..
Practically illustrates the concepts developed in the theoretical courses Food Chemistry: Chemical composition of different food groups, changes during handling, storage, processing and quality assessment...
It is a sample of the research work on the various timber species that we find in Costa Rica, carried out by the Forest Products Laboratory of the Institute of Engineering Research of the University of Costa Rica, of enormous interest for artisans, i..
Esta obra brinda el conocimiento básico y las herramientas para manejar, cultivar e identificar bacterias, así como para desarrollar habilidades, destrezas, cuidados y prácticas correctas para el manejo de microorganismos potencialmente patógenos. De..
resolved and developed exercises in detail on the concepts related to the course of General Chemistry I, to generate a logical thinking that allows to face the problems raised in all courses related to this area of ​​knowledge...
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