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Natural and Exact Sciences

The Work Differential Equations for Life Sciences exposes classical methods for solving first-order EDs, higher-order linear EDs and Linear Differential Equation Systems. It includes a chapter on the Laplace Transform as a tool for solving linear EDs..
The book deals with probabilistic models, that is, of the theory of probability in discrete spaces. It develops the basic notions of events, discrete allopathic variables in one or more dimensions, probability distribution, marginal and conditional d..
Más de 2.800 términos sobre ecología general, conservación e interacciones del hombre y sus actividades con el ambiente, conocimiento imprescindible para el ciudadano moderno. Posee referencias cruzadas para facilitar y ampliar los conocimientos del ..
This book aims to address the lack of adequate text and paid special attention to make it more understandable. Different techniques are discussed, giving greater emphasis on changes that have made them useful...
This text develops the thematic of the program of the course MA-125: Elementary Mathematics of the School of Mathematics of the University of Costa Rica. The main objective is to guide the work of a course that is taught in all the universitys headqu..
Statistics is one of the most important contemporary scientific research in analytical instruments. The work, conceived with educational criteria, harmonious and coherent systematized elementary topics of this discipline...
In this book Euclidean plane geometry develops logically and deductively, also emphasizing its visual content. Conceived as a text for the first university levels, it can also be used for secondary education as a reference book and reference...
Introducción a los fundamentos de la teoría de la probabilidad y a las técnicas de la inferencia estadística para la estimación y contraste de hipótesis de medias y proporciones en una y dos poblaciones, así como aplicaciones de las distribuciones Ji..
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