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Natural and Exact Sciences

This text deals with applied statistics chemistry. the development of the necessary statistical basis for the planning and analysis of results is emphasized. It contains chapters on basic statistical concepts, topics of descriptive statistics as meas..
It is a scientific work that brings together among its authors the experience of more than one hundred years in the teaching of chemistry as a science at several levels. The work is not only addressed to the student, but to every teacher eager to lea..
A fascicle written in a simple language, aimed at students, sanitarians, merchants and the public in general, which aims to stimulate knowledge about these insects. It includes a photographic atlas and abundant references that emphasize the biologica..
illustrated guide that includes reef fishes of the Pacific coast of Central and Cocos Island and demersal and pelagic species on the island. This work presents didactic figures and important features that facilitate the identification of these fish...
The topics selected with the Ecological Problems Series were determined largely by demand from users, but also prevailed environmental criteria, as it has been and will be our utmost concern to preserve the environment and natural resources for the e..
Percy Denyer, Jorge Cortes and Carlos Jiménez are three photographers that capture their visions of the natural and cultural heritage of Costa Rica. His images help shape the identities of Costa Ricans with essays written by biologists, geologists, a..
Descriptive inorganic chemistry focuses attention on the properties of the elements and their compounds. Given the breadth of this subject, it has focused interest on the most significant binary compounds of the transition elements of the d series, i..
Guía introductoria que tiene como finalidad servir de pauta para todas las personas interesadas en conocer un poco acerca de la aplicación de estadísticas descriptivas en un ambiente de Windows...
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