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Natural and Exact Sciences

Serpientes de Costa Rica es un tratado comprensivo actualizado sobre la distribución, taxonomía e historia natural de las 147 especies de serpientes que habitan en este país. Es un documento de interés para  especialistas y estudiosos de la natu..
It aims to present the macroscopic anatomical description of the wood and bark of 147 tree species with timber uses, and in this way help the technicians, engineers and people related to the conservation of the region to preserve the most..
"The accumulated knowledge about the neotropical forest and the native forest species, especially those of potential or recent introduction to the market.This knowledge is an essential requirement to stimulate the management and rational use ..
The purpose of this work is to serve as a reference book for programmers who already know some language, especially Java, Delphi, Pascal or C, and want to know the peculiar characteristics of Visual Basic. An attempt is made to fill a gap bet..
"The reputation of Costa Rica as a promoter of the protection of its natural resources is due to a long and complex process, whose roots had not been well unraveled." In view of this situation, the author of this book - an amateur historian a..
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