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Natural and Exact Sciences

Alberto Ml. Brenes (1870-1948), a Ramonian scientist, Benemerito de la Patria, who is credited with the most important collections of plants and fungi for Costa Rica in the mid-twentieth century, including hundreds of new species...
This work includes the basics of chemical kinetics and its application to stability studies of medicines to scientifically establish the useful life of these and storage conditions to ensure their quality, safety and efficacy...
Although there are many translations into Spanish of works of logic and even original texts of great merits, there is no book in our country that fits the purposes and contents of a course of symbolic logic aimed at a varied audience that seeks to fi..
Topics in this series meet the demand of students of the School of Chemistry, as well as an effort by the staff of this escula by providing texts to help them in their professional preparation...
Los temas seleccionados fueron determinados en gran medida por la demanda de los usuarios, pero también primaron criterios ecologistas, pues ha sido y será nuestra máxima preocupación el preservar el medio ambiente y los recursos naturales para disfr..
This text constitutes a very valuable tool for the socio-economic development of the Nicoya peninsula; Since its importance transcends the scientific knowledge of geology, providing technical bases on tectonics and geodynamics, among other aspects of..
Central America relates the observations of the Danish naturalist ANDERS SANDOE OERSTED (1816-1872) during his exploration of the Costa Rican territory between 1846 and 1848. It includes a series of impeccable engravings that constitute a historical ..
The present text provides information on 17 species of rodent pests in Central America, their natural history, the damages they cause and the management techniques to reduce the negative impact on the interests of the human being...
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