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Politics science

This book is an analysis of the life of the illustrious Costa Rican diplomat. The research describes the achievements and failures of the most prominent diplomat Costa Rican history, both in his public and private life. Walking through diplomatic car..
This text constitutes an analysis of the relationship between the Costa Rican foreign service and the dominant political parties after the 1940s of the 20th century. It is concluded that the foreign service was one of the spaces within the state appa..
This work presents the French consular correspondence on Costa Rica between 1889 and 1917. The consuls analyze the national presidential political system, the electoral system, fraud and political parties. He also refers to some of the most influenti..
The text makes a critical account of the main patterns of Costa Rican foreign policy. To this end, a contextualization of this with major transformations in the international political system and the internal political system is performed. Also, beyo..
In Costa Rica there is a broad legal framework in areas such as privacy, security, intellectual property and disability, which affects the exercise of the computer profession. This work compiles the most relevant regulations for professionals in this..
It is a collective work that aims to establish the constitutional protection of third generation human rights (environment, food, water, decent housing, vulnerable populations), including discussions on new protected rights...
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