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The Costa Rican archival bibliography 1883-2010 consists of 1247 records and is structured in six sections, the first one corresponds to the antecedents that give rise to it. The second section contains the methodology used to carry out the research...
The work is based on the consultation of writings, documents and books of Latin American and Anglo-Saxon authors that address the topic of classification. In addition, it mentions the different tools and classification systems used to categorize and ..
Sources of information for research in Archival and Library Sciences presents the analysis, concretion, clarification and delimitation of the sources used in archival and library research. It starts from both the theoretical postulates that justify i..
It establishes a theoretical, conceptual and methodological proposal for the design and structure of a system in order to integrate all the files in a country under a systematic structure of fact and law. All from a vast and comprehensive, in keeping..
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