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In this text the reader finds studies on coins, tickets, tickets and medals published between 2004 and 2010, and a gallery of 150 images of numismatic interest. They analyze the use of plants in coins since 1821, the numismatic quotations in Conileia..
This publication brings together the work of several researchers close to the world of art. His essays offer a glimpse into the various facets of the sculptural and literary work of Aquiles Jiménez...
Este libro analiza, desde el punto de vista de la teoría estética feminista, un corpus de producciones visuales que denuncia la violencia contra las mujeres al explorar los bordes de la construcción de un sujeto femenino como una praxis estético-polí..
It is based on the study of the processes carried out by communities, local authorities, the State and the Church to idealize and build the parish churches in the region of San Ramon-Alajuela. ..
Libros con un novedoso diseño para niños y jóvenes sobre la obra de los más importantes representantes de las Artes Plásticas del país...
Combining an agile drawing with soft humor, Ricardo Ulloa follows the astronomers adventures, a unique being immersed in his own world, accompanied by an exasperated wife, bitter parents, a stupefied child and colleagues who would arouse the interest..
This book has the great merit of collecting the cartoons of all the leaders of Costa Rica, from the first head of state to the incumbent president; take a tour of all these characters hand Carazo, it is to revive the countrys history...
This book proposes a technical variant within the artistic tendency of non-toxic gravure. Explore the use of animal leather with the objective of making plates for later printing on paper; Creating multi-piece artistic works...
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