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The primary purpose of the article is to provide a feasible way to visualize and implement strategic planning in the ordinary course of human organizations, regardless of their nature. Besides focusing on a specific form of the integral system design..
This research carried out by the School of Public Administration of the University of Costa Rica, in which the College of Professionals in Economic Sciences of Costa Rica co-operated in some of the processes of the same, has allowed an approach to th..
Guide to entrepreneurs in a process that includes the search and preliminary evaluation of business ideas, the design of a business plan and the mechanisms of support and financing to launch a new company in the Costa Rican context...
The text is aimed at students from different careers related to business and finance administration, as well as to all people interested in learning about basic finance in the short term. Its content and the examples presented can also be studi..
This second volume of Financial Analysis refers to issues of finance in the short, medium and long term to expand the concepts of the analysis carried out in the first. The general purpose of the text leads us to develop exercises where t..
"This is a self-taught text, where the reader can deduce and know the basic elements necessary to evaluate investment projects, according to the needs of the company or the entrepreneur.Most applications of the exercises proposed for their de..
La tercera edición de esta obra busca proporcionar herramientas a las empresas privadas para la formulación y evaluación de nuevos proyectos (o durante su fase de operación), los cuales surjan producto de la forma en que la entidad reacciona ante los..
The material presented here is characterized by being specially oriented to the common problems of production engineering, industrial engineering and administration. Its development is of increasing complexity and the concepts discussed are a..
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