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This work relates in detail the interaction between society, business and ethical behavior of individuals. It gives a special interest to the participation of individuals and groups in the activities of businesses that carry out state institutions an..
The social context of evaluations is a key theme in this work, which differs greatly from the traditional context of research. Evaluators can assume different roles within the framework of evaluations, which has implications for the process itself...
This monograph is aimed at professionals in technical areas that need to quickly become familiar with the financial principles used in the development of projects. Examples are oriented chemical industry, but its principles are valid for any discipli..
This material may be useful for teaching operations research in the careers of Industrial Engineering, Business Administration and Systems Engineering, among others. It is divided into two parts: the first presents cases involving mathematical progra..
This work raises the importance of the administration in the cooperative enterprise and analyzes the influence that the different theories have had on the organization, its structure and functioning. In addition, it exposes with great clarity the new..
The text covers an organizational section, including a contemporary view of industrial production in Costa Rica, followed by sections on planning, programming and production control, with emphasis on forecasts, inventories and costs. The last part fo..
To date there has been little link between the issues of program and project evaluation, on the one hand, and quality management, on the other. This book helps to eliminate this deficit, particularly with a view to non-profit organizations. It is bas..
Concise Guide in the area of ​​quality in the chemical industry that integrates philosophies of quality, ISO 9001: 2000, continuous improvement tools, basic statistics, audit quality, national legislation, environmental and occupational safety factor..
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