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This book aims to become an effective tool that allows the Administrator (a) Education, guidance, guide and encourage personal and organizational attitudes aimed at achieving desired goals and objectives for the educational community. ..
the culture of globalization, media and digitalization of all underlined; higher education, which expands, diversifies and power qualitatively with a vector direction towards their environment is rebuilt with international networks and parameters wit..
This work concludes that the problems that the teaching and learning of Mathematics in the country exhibit will not be able to face if the training plans offered by the state and private Costa Rican universities do not improve...
The document analyzes the process of designing a Central American policy for the accreditation of higher education, from a multisectoral and regional perspective, embodied in the creation of the Central American Council for the Accreditation ..
This work offers very practical guidance for teachers who wish to improve the planning habits of their subjects, be they theoretical, practical, face-to-face, distance or online, with the aim of improving both the background and the form of t..
It comprises a series of articles grouped in topics related to scientific aspects, environment, scientific policy and education in which the author expresses his thoughts and opinions...
This work aims to be a contribution to the pedagogy of the natural sciences, as it reveals novel tools such as the incorporation of poetry, which diversify the ways of teaching but also of learning, thereby achieving better results in boys an..
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