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Strategic personnel management is the bridge between the needs of the organization to offer an educational service of excellence and quality, and the needs of personal and professional satisfaction of those who occupy a place in your post pyramid...
This book presents a wide range of strategies in which art, and learning orientation merges. Artistic experience facilitates the expression of self, perceptual and emotional development, social awareness and creativity. Along with a wide range of str..
This book deals with the analysis of didactic strategies used in teacher education, taking constructivist and critical approaches from the conceptualization of teacher training, the pedagogy, curriculum and didactic relationship, evaluative teaching ..
The contribution of this work is focused on a particular form of the integral system design policy goals and action plans; It also proposes a brief review of diagnosis and announces the development of the particular way of developing the integrated s..
It offers traits of Costa Rican men and women of 5 1/2 to 8 1/2 years of age, with and without difficulties, in motor patterns (locomotives, non locomotives and balance), body image (parts and planes, laterality and directionality) , Visomotor skills..
The rescue of the subject, the valuation of particular cultures and understanding from intersubjectivity are the pivot on which rests the reflection of this work...
The edition of the Complete Works of Luis Barahona Jiménez constitutes a huge joint effort between the General Studies, the School of History and Editorial of the University of Costa Rica and the family. The purpose of a publication of such importanc..
The edition of the first volume of the Complete Works of Luis Barahona Jiménez aims to indicate the validity of the thought of the illustrious philosopher and humanist in relation to the first thirty-three years of life of the University of Costa Ric..
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