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This book documents a qualitative research experience in which a model for the training of teachers of I and II cycles in the aspects of time, space, behavior and treatment of content in the classroom is constructed, in partnership with teachers. Str..
This book offers the alphabet Costa Rican sign (LESCO) and appropriate to facilitate learning activities hearing impaired children, and having difficulty in the process of learning of literacy...
In addition to a literature review on the development of different motor skills (balance, asymmetrical mirror movements, spatial orientation, locomotor skills, bilateral integration and ocular follow-up), a standardized test for Costa Rican children ..
This guide is intended to provide information to parents and adults in general about the reasons why it is necessary to set boundaries with children without falling into extremes. It also provides some ideas to carry out this company, so that it cont..
With Costa Rican standards for children between 5 1/2 and 8 1/2 years of age, this software is designed to generate an individual report on five perceptual-motor tests: - The Child Body Coordination Test (KTK) - The Anton Brenner gestalt test (Adapte..
This multimedia has been designed to facilitate interaction between the student and the content...
This guide for written presentation of research compiles national regulations, international standards, background research and professional experiences that will allow the reader to perfect their skills. It addresses aspects such as segments and ord..
In this book processes and results of an attempt to innovation in the field of professional development at the school, which was chosen as a starting point ethnographic research along with training of teachers and principals to generate a training cu..
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