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This book is a response to the needs of organizations. It is a self-assessment guide that uses flexible instruments and techniques that can be adapted and used individually or together...
This text is an introduction to the concepts of administrative accounting, as a basis for decision making and oriented to the perspective and needs of students in Industrial Production Engineering. Basic concepts of financial accoun..
In this work, a program of visits to companies, organizations and public institutions related to the innovative development of agribusiness was carried out, in order to contextualise the business fabric, both of MSMEs and of organizations related to ..
The purpose of this text is to serve as a practical tool to carry out the financial evaluation of investment projects, using theoretical concepts and practical applications. It is useful both for the university student of courses of formulation and e..
Outcome Mapping proposes a methodology to create planning, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms that allow organizations to document, learn and be accountable for their achievements...
This book becomes a complement to the accounting regulations officially published by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Among the novelties that this second edition presents are the incorporation of nine additional chapters ..
The material presented here is characterized by being specially oriented to the common problems of production engineering, industrial engineering and administration. Its development is of increasing complexity and the concepts discussed are a..
The benefits of statistics for the control of manufacturing processes are analyzed and the means are presented in which information evaluated by statistical techniques can be used to have a better decision making...
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