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This book is the result of decades of research, applied to real situations that have required solutions based on the realities of Latin American countries. There is a complication of the basic knowledge necessary in the development of technologies su..
Rafael Lucas Rodríguez Caballero..
This work, the first of its kind in our institution, aims to offer knowledge about hydrographic basins, generated by important academic groups that during the last decade have taken up the challenge of providing society with relevant information.The ..
«The breeze carries the smell of thyme. Wild land south of Crete. We are attracted to an ageless old man sitting on a rock, his skin dry as the ground where he rests his feet. He looks at us and turns towards the coast. He only says two words accompa..
Putting the affective dimension on the table within the analysis of globalization may be inappropriate for some analysts, especially for the economists of the so-called “main current” (mainstream Economics), due to their inveterate claim to attribute..
Analysis on evasion, avoidance, and non-payment of taxes and deception in the press, among many other topics..
Sir Francis Drake, the famous English privateer, sailed in the southern waters of present-day Costa Rica during his voyage of circumnavigation of the planet. The author handles two parallel stories, that of the corsair and that of the indigenous sham..
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