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This study analyzes the place names of the road network of the Greater Metropolitan Area, to verify the linguistic habits of the speakers of the region and their relationship with historical events and cultural features...
This book is dedicated to the new generations of Costa Ricans: children, youth and adults, in the hope that it may expand their knowledge about the legacy of opportunities that has been created by a group of visionary Costa Ricans. This special group..
This work contains topics from the physics program in diversified education, such as electrostatics-electromagnetism, optics-waves and modern physics. The modules are developed with a problem-solving strategy and are aimed at physics teachers in dive..
God (or one of them) slipped from his cloud; or he was bored and dropped.The fact is that one day I found it on any sidewalk. And since he was already one of us, he sometimes was hungry and bored and scared. He slept badly, did a crossword puzzle, sp..
This critical edition has a marked autoethnographic component, fruit of the composer-performer collaboration over eleven years. Interpretive solutions are proposed that result in an enriched score for future performers...
This work is the result of many years of thinking about the essay, a genre with a privileged place in the literary history of Latin America and the Caribbean...
This book introduces film appreciation through several chapters, and is of particular relevance to film history and film analysis. @font-face {font-family:Helvetica; panose-1:0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0; ..
Turrialba occupies a vast region of the Caribbean slope, as well as more than half the territory of the province of Cartago. Surrounded by high mountains, between which rises an imposing volcano, the very humid valley in which the head of the canton ..
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