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Based on the experiences of women who arrive in jail for the crime of drug trafficking, this text shows the relationship between the real conditions that the country has offered to this group, for example prison, and what they have could live..
This calendar brings together a group of buildings that were built in a period between approximately 1880 and 1920. Real estates that are mostly inscribed within the influence of the neoclassical canon in the main Costa Rican cities. This style would..
The text analyzes the imaginaries of the nation and of citizenship in Central America within the framework of the practices of the actors, the participation of political subjects, the theatricality of power and public spaces where the discourses and ..
Paranormal youth novel set in Alajuela. Its protagonist, a young businesswoman, will read a series of manuscripts written by a teenager named Kokkina - where she describes the horrors of intrafamily abuse - while suffering from attacks of supernatura..
Bitácora del ahogado y otros poemas is a compilation of texts framed in the youth years. Using surrealist technical resources, the lyric self tries to give shape to a personal world, which sometimes oscillates between tenderness and linguistic ..
How did the opposition to the FTA with the United States become a powerful social movement that challenged the State and led political actors to define the path of a referendum to decide its approval in October 2007?..
This book offers a transdisciplinary analysis of the main national symbols: shields, flags, scores and lyrics of the national anthem, which respond to the different ideological processes and manifestations of coloniality rooted in Costa Rican society..
From the hand of the Swiss botanist Adolphe Tonduz, we entered the floristic exploration of the corners of Costa Rica at the end of the 19th century. The texts of this naturalist deal with diverse topics, such as the conservation of the envir..
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