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With the help of his daughters and his wife, Fabián Dobles grouped, in five tight volumes, a vital trajectory formed by seven novels, three books of poetry, six of stories and several plays and, in addition, a countless number of texts collec..
The enormous diversity of the Costa Rican landscape, which ranges from tropical beaches to high mountains, is the subject of this color photographic essay. Through 125 carefully selected images, the author highlights the landscapes and detail..
This book compiles the research articles of young students of the University of Costa Rica, which deal with social inequalities and social change. This entails thematic, disciplinary and geographical multiplicity...
"In its first edition, Design: theory, action, meaning was an innovative work that redefined the role of the designer in a society in constant change, the author, Luis Fernando Quirós Valverde, right in the middle of his career, made a contri..
For Costa Rica travel: his triptychs (poetry) is the third book of Jorge Chen Sham. Geographically, the journey of the lyrical subject for a homeland that invents in its people, colors, foods, sensations, affections, fruits and food, describes a symb..
The book seeks to explain the relationship between communication and gender from different approaches, with which you can visualize the results of interdisciplinary research that articulate discourse studies, symbolic representations and femi..
This book explores the purchase, sale and regulation of sexual services for tourists in San José, Costa Rica. Based on more than a year of fieldwork, Gringo Gulch offers the first ethnographic exploration of sex tourism in San José...
The text describes some species of fungi typical of the montane forests of San Gerardo de Dota, Costa Rica. Characteristics, distribution, location in the forest and its local or global uses for each species are included...
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