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This work is divided into two parts of three chapters each: the first characterizes the colonial legacy of Costa Rica, and the second analyzes the genesis of agrarian capitalism. Among its themes we find: the productive structure, foreign trade, the ..
Detailed analysis of the economic and social life of Costa Rica during the years between the crisis of the encomienda - around 1680 - and the dawn of independence, a stage of our history characterized by the complexity and dynamism of the peasant wor..
Analysis of the political history of Costa Rica in the period from 1914 to 1948, which corresponds to the stage of transition between the crisis of the liberal republic and the formation of the reformist state and intervener...
This book is a synthesis of the eighteenth century, characterized as the stage of the encomienda, during which the first colonial configuration of Costa Rica and Nicoya took place. It examines the Central American conquest, the origin and consolidati..
This volume analyzes the political history of Costa Rica during the period between 1870 and 1914. This book analyzes the legal-administrative organization and the dynamics of power and its legitimation...
Study of the population of Costa Rica from 1750 to 2000. It uses vital statistics and annual parochial series and provides annual estimates of the population by age as well as demographic indicators on mortality, fertility and migration...
This book deals with the monetary history of Costa Rica between the sixteenth and the thirties, which studies the currency from the Social Sciences, in its economic aspects and as a social and political institution...
Este libro explora de una forma totalmente novedosa la Costa Rica de la década de 1940, y da nuevas e impresionantes pistas para entender por qué se produjo la guerra civil de 1948...
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