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Migrations in Central America. Policies, territories and actors seek to offer an approach to the different dimensions of the migratory experience in Central America. Four starting points characterize this book: the public nature of the call, ..
No more walls argue that in Central America are triggered, as a result of neoliberal policies, processes of forced migration and, simultaneously, the increase of immigration controls that make the possibility of immigration becomes very diffi..
The edition of the Complete Works of Luis Barahona Jiménez constitutes a huge joint effort between the General Studies, the School of History and Editorial of the University of Costa Rica and the family. The purpose of a publication of such importanc..
"Animals" is the literary motif from which 21 young authors have expressed their ideas and creative potential in this text. This work has been the product of the First Short Story Workshop, organized by SIEDIN, in commemoration of International Book ..
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