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In this second volume of studies of comparative mythology indoamericana include two studies, the first of which deals with the myths of the origin of fire, while the second concerns the conceptions that in regard to the place of the dead exis..
Myths, those stories transmitted as truths and situated in the time of the beginnings, exist in the oral tradition of the peoples as explanations of the origin of the world. In the context of the Amerindian peoples, this book presents three s..
 In this third volume of Studies of Comparative Indo-American Mythology, three studies are included, the first of which deals with the origin of death; the second on the origin of the spots on the moon, while the t..
In this fourth volume, three studies are included. The first one deals with the origin of language and the diversity of languages among human beings, as well as the language in animals and plants. The second deals with the myth of the star woma..
Volume of twelve stories that intermingle real characters in situations of fiction and some less real that perform daily actions. They are not stories for children, but they have something of the candor that still holds the minds of adults and that t..
It focuses on the problem of human aging from the point of view of various social theories...
Didactic guide on the use of the bibliographic MARC 21 format: This material deals with the application of fixed fields, variables and subfields; likewise, the application of controlled languages. The text is accompanied by self-assessment exerci..
This book analyzes the progress of neoextractivism in Latin America through four fundamental nuclei: the first proposes the categories of neoextractivism and Consensus of Commodities as privileged windows to read the current crisis; the second analyz..
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