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El sistema penitenciario nacional adquirió protagonismo durante el cuatrienio 2014-2018, dada la condición de hacinamiento carcelario y el debate alrededor de las medidas remediales que se implementaron para atender esta situación. Esta investigación..
This work analyzes and exposes the foundations of the Theory of Diamonds applied to the three main Systems: LL, CL (or from a vertex) and Plus, basically with regard to the calculation of a measurement based on the concepts of the tangent line to b2,..
In this book, we try to understand the poetics of the self in young adolescents in Costa Rica. Some characteristics of the process of construction of their personal identity are shown, in tension with religious beliefs, affective bonds and dialogue...
Este libro se dirige a estudiantes de enseñanza de las ciencias, aunque también puede utilizarse como texto introductorio para estudiantes de ciencias biomédicas o profesionales que deseen incursionar en el es..
Bitácora del ahogado y otros poemas is a compilation of texts framed in the youth years. Using surrealist technical resources, personal time is defined in the personal world, which refers to tenderness and linguistic violence...
The twenty-two tales of love, violence, war and terror roam between life and death. They share among themselves the power relations that concentrate on the figure of the weakest. Winner of a special mention in the Short Story Contest 2017, of the EUC..
The book shows an analysis of the African and Afro-descendant presence during the seventeenth century, in the then province of Costa Rica. The activities in which they participated as free persons are analyzed. In addition, taking the notarial series..
Boruca narrations text contains a series of stories, legends and stories compiled between 1989 and 1993, which are a sample of the narrative and the Boruca language in an effort to continue with the task of rescue of oral tradition...
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