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This book consists of two volumes, Dark Latitudes: Mapping Gothic Sites and Mediums (articles in English) and Dark Latitudes: a cartography of Gothic studies (articles in Spanish), which address the Gothic from different perspectives...
The work consists of three parts: one of an introductory nature and two of properly lexicographical content. The first provides general information on phonology and cabécar morphology. The second and third parts correspond, respectively, to the Cabéc..
Compile the definition of around 500 names of mythical bribris entities. The motivation of the authors has been to answer some basic questions apart from Sibö, the central axis of the Bribri mythology...
Why does the Migration and Aliens Act change twice in a decade? How do Nicaraguan women experience the experiences of discrimination associated with gender and being in an irregular condition? This book seeks to answer these and other questions that ..
This book explores the armed conflict of 1948 from the angle of mental health. It aims to explain how the mood was formed that predisposed people to attack each other, but also to create an idea of the damages and sufferings generated by the vi..
Este libro explora el conflicto armado de 1948 desde el ángulo de la salud mental. Pretende explicar cómo se conformó el estado anímico que predispuso a las personas a agredirse entre sí, pero también a c..
It includes the study of the industrial sector from the 19th century to the 20th century. It describes the development process, its contribution to production and foreign trade, as well as the use of factors of production. It includes four cases of t..
It analyzes the economic growth of Costa Rica in the period 1880-2005, focusing on policies, institutions and public and private organizations with important participation in the economy. ..
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