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This book constitutes an analysis of the life of the illustrious Costa Rican diplomat. The research describes the achievements and failures of the most outstanding diplomat in Costa Rican history, both in his public and private life. By going through..
Presenta una introducción al curso MA1004 Álgebra lineal para las carreras de Ingeniería y Ciencias Económicas de la Universidad de Costa Rica. Se divide en tres partes: los principales conceptos del álgebra lineal, la naturaleza de estos objetos al ..
In this collection of poems the word is shown as something that arises from within, perhaps weak, but ends up replacing silence and its always ambiguous nature that, however, seeks to imply one thing by expressing a different one...
This work is the compilation of some very significant stories in the oral literature of Limón. The protagonist of these brief stories is a spider known as Brother Anancy. The stories came from Africa along with religious, cultural and social traditio..
Ancient America explains in a narrated way the history of the American peoples, from the first settlement of the continent to the contact with the eurpeos and a little later. The interpretative framework follows the evolutionary perspective of archeo..
Discurso de la mirada junto a la naturaleza como principio de la armonía universal, donde el yo se expone poéticamente y se une a la realidad humana de los que sufren, mientras el amor toma sentido sin temor a..
Since it refers to a network of complex phenomena related to the body, the disguise is not presented as a simple device to unravel. Hence this book sets out to decipher the cultural meanings that are at stake in the use of this presumably prosaic dev..
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