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The material in this compact is presented as an interactive atlas that summarizes the basic morphological concepts of infectious agents, viruses, bacteria and fungi, allowing the medical student familiar with these microorganisms and relate pathologi..
This material seeks to guide the pharmacist community to acknowledge and, if it is within their competence, resolve momentarily symptoms accompanying certain condition, as well as distinguish when to derive specialized professional consultation...
Research Center on Identity and Latin American Culture (CIICLA) at the University of Costa Rica organized a second photography competition, through its Integral Museum of Culture and National Identity and Central (MINCI) module, which took place from..
El libro que presentamos analiza las políticas de apoyo a la microempresa impulsadas en Costa Rica durante el período (1990-2000) en relación con su incidencia en la integraci..
This is the manual of answers to the complementary problems of the book Introduction to the Organic Chemistry of W. H. Brown, elaborated by a group of professors of the Section of Organic Chemistry of the University of Costa Rica...
Concise Guide in the area of ​​quality in the chemical industry that integrates philosophies of quality, ISO 9001: 2000, continuous improvement tools, basic statistics, audit quality, national legislation, environmental and occupational safety factor..
Didactic guide on the use of the bibliographic MARC 21 format: This material deals with the application of fixed fields, variables and subfields; likewise, the application of controlled languages. The text is accompanied by self-assessment exercises ..
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