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The literature of Lysimachus Chavarria Palma (1873-1913) establishes dense processes of cultural hybridization, which allows his writing to assume diverse transits: from the local to the international, from the intimate spaces to the deep objectifica..
The image of a small town San José, full of majestic processions on Good Friday; A San José streetcar, magirus and hunters, dairymen on horseback and carts of firewood, is already unrecognizable for those who reached the rung of the nineties and almo..
This book contains the Costa Rica of old, Costa Rica of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, in the chronicles of three great Costa Rican journalists: Francisco Maria Núñez, José J. Sánchez and José Antonio Zavaleta. Beautiful pages of ou..
The protagonist of this historical novel tears the veil of the supposed social peace to feel surrounded by intrigues and murders. The unexpected and macabre makes us detectives behind impunity crimes, perpetrated with a smile of Machiavellian satisfa..
In this book the author explores the relationship between consciousness, life and death, to conclude glimpsing the possibility of a god of life as elusive as generous as mysterious as dazzling...
This book consists of two volumes, Dark Latitudes: Mapping Gothic Sites and Mediums and Dark Latitudes: a mapping of Gothic studies (articles in Spanish), which approach the Gothic from different perspectives...
Los dos volúmenes abordan el tema gótico desde diferentes aristas: el gótico del siglo XIX, el gótico contemporáneo, los vampiros, el doble, los géneros en el gótico, la estética y arte en el gótico y el gótico latinoamericano...
With the second poem, Spells of the Dawn, Jorge Chen Sham opens the door to a world full of magical and miraculous words that envelop the reader in various rituals of initiation and exorcism. The poetic subject becomes a magician of the words with wh..
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